That time my cocktail photo became a hot topic on Reddit

Darren Geraghty is one of Dublin’s most talented and creative bartenders. He consistently comes up with visually striking and delicious creations that fill the menu of the Candlelight Bar at Siam Thai Dundrum and Malahide.

I met him a couple of years ago and on that occasion we spoke about his career and mixing style for an interview published on Little did I know that a photo I took of a drink named “Bathtub Gin Time” was going to end up on a Reddit thread with over two thousand votes.

Named Meringue and Gin in a miniature bathtub with a big spoon, it rests on the subreddit /r/WeWantPlates, and since November 2017, it has gathered 106 comments and 96% upvotes.

The cocktail contains Hendrick’s Gin, orange Curacao, Fever Tree Eldelflower Tonic, lemon juice and a lavender and rose meringue foam. It’s basically a foamy Gin & Tonic, which is a bit weird, but in a good way.

Anyway, this subreddit is often comedy gold when you read the comments and I found it funny how strongly people felt about this tiny bathtub filled with booze and decorated with a miniature rubber duckie.

You gotta love the Internet’s wit sometimes:

  • “If you’re old enough to drink gin, you’re old enough not to choke on small toys.” [user Pinglenook on the duck’s potential chocking hazard].
  • “Are you kidding? I would absolutely steal a tiny plastic duck. What else am I going to use to decorate my desk to remind myself that I get to be an actual human being sometimes.” [user ShotFromGuns is partial to some sleight of hand to take duckie home].

Moral of the story? Cocktails that are over the top might be a bit gimmicky but in this visual age, unusual glassware can make a massive difference in how likely people are to talk about your drink.

I personally appreciate over-the-topness when it’s well thought of. In this case, the bathtub gin reference to Prohibition times and moonshine makes the drink tell a story. It’s not just served in an odd container for the sake of oddness, it is clever and fun.

A bit much? You can always get an Old Fashioned.

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