A wine lover’s map of Dublin’s must-visit spots [Updated 2020]

Dublin counts its pubs by the hundreds, in fact the city has 722 of them according to AIB’s Pub Outlook 2018.

I was able to compile a list of wine bars (a couple of them are bistros best known for their wine list so I decided they were a fair addition), meaning that, using these numbers, there is more than 30 pubs per each wine bar!

It makes sense, but it means that if you’re looking for a great pint, you will be spoilt for choice while if it’s a glass of vino what you fancy, you might have to do a bit of googling if you want to try something other than your known and trusted.

To save you time, I’ve put together a Dublin City wine route using Google maps with all the wine bars pinned under a little magenta🍷.

To give it a personal touch, I’ve marked my five personal go-to places in purple.

You can make it your own if you open it, create a copy and add your own little secret spots (the changes won’t be added to the map in this post).

See it below, and let it take you to a new favourite!

Is there any other place that deserves to be pinned? Please let me know and I’ll add it to the map so everyone can enjoy it.

* Update (17/03/19) – Thanks to people that took the time to read and comment below or via Twitter, I’ve been able to create a new layer with “Reader’s suggestions” featured in green.

As new recommendations come my way, I’ll grow that layer with your tips and we can expand the map together!

* Update (01/02/20) – A few places have opened since I created this map in 2019, so I’ve updated the article and the map.

4 thoughts on “A wine lover’s map of Dublin’s must-visit spots [Updated 2020]

Add yours

  1. Love this map! It’s my mental list with a few surprises! Piglet and La Cave I expected but I’d only been to Ruelle once for example and this will make me give it another chance. You might add Il Fornaio (by hapenny bridge) though they only serve 3 wines they are usually quite good. Also Baggot St Wines next to Bloom (The shop is great, the wine bar expensive but nice outdoor seating). There’s also a creperie wine bar in Rathmines (not the best wine list I grant you).b


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