The Perfect Storm – Sailing into the Kraken’s eerie pop-up experience

Bringing a spirits brand to life through a pop-up bar is all about crafting a fantasy. Yes, a themed menu and decoration are must-haves, but to truly create the atmosphere, there has to be great storytelling.

That is what sets apart Kraken Black Spiced Rum, a name that has a visually striking identity and a solid product to back it up, as well as a consistent theme that inspires many a story.

kraken rum pop up 2

Usually, the Kraken is quite active around Halloween; their 2017 Freaky Tiki pop up was incredibly fun (a dark Mojito pictured below).

kraken rum 5

This year they surprised Dublin with an anti-Valentine’s day event…

Held on the 13th of February at J.T. Pim’s, the Kraken Black Hearts pop-up experience gathered lovers… lovers of rum that is.

Greeted with a black rose handed by the charming yet slightly macabre Kraken Widow, we stepped into the night. Chandelliers held the black candles that illuminated the room as she shared with us the tragic story of her man lost at sea.


Fair play to the actress that embodied that melancholic soul, she had great comedic timing and added just the perfect dash of tongue-in-cheekness to the show.

We tried four cocktails on the evening, accompanied with nibbles such as black vegetarian paella and squid rings turned dark with ink.

kraken rum 1

Their simplest tipple, The Perfect Storm, was one of the night’s favourites and doubtlessly the easiest one to mix at home.

Below the recipe for The Perfect Storm. It takes one minute to mix and requires no bartending equipment.

kraken rum pop up 3

– 150ml ginger beer
– 50ml of Kraken Black Spiced Rum
– Wedge of lime

1. Pour the ginger beer in the bottom of a glass with ice cubes.
2. Pour the Kraken Black Spiced Rum.
3. Add a wedge of lime (I like to give it a little squeeze).

Kraken Black Spiced Rum is widely available in Ireland. Find it in Tesco,, Celtic Whiskey Shop and Molloys.

For more recipes and to find out about their upcoming adventures, follow KrakenRumIrl on Twitter.

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