7 Tips to make the most out of your time at the unmissable O’Briens Wine Festival

Wine lovers in Dublin have a date to save: The O’Briens Spring Wine Festival 2019 will take place on the 10th and 11th of May at The Printworks, Dublin Castle (and on the 9th in Limerick).

With almost 300 wines from 65 producers hailing from 13 different countries, chances are, you are going to have to pick your battles… I mean, your bottles (drumroll please) if you are hopping to make the most out of your three hour session.

Here are seven tips to help you maximise your experience at the O’Briens Spring Wine Festival 2019:

1. Check out what’s new

Among this years’s firsts, there are two producers debuting at the fair: Toro Albalá from Montill-Moriles in Spain and Weingut Robert Weil from Germany’s Rheingau. If you’re an avid attendee of the fair, don’t hesitate to ask the staff about new wines and give yourself the pleasure of tasting bottles you haven’t tried before.

obriens wine festival 2019 3

2. Use the brochure to plan a tasting strategy

The team behind O’Briens Wine always puts a lot of time and effort into making a very helpful resource out of their festival’s brochure. Have a read, mark down the producers or wines you don’t want to miss and prioritise tasting them.

With so many options to choose from, you don’t want to hear the end-of-session call before you’re down with those special bottles you  really wished to taste.

3. Let exhibitors know your interests before you taste

If you have limited time and you’re approaching a stand with large amount of open wines, why not letting the producer know you’d love it if they could chose three or four bottles for you to taste? That way you’re getting a good glimpse of the table, even if you’re not staying for the “director’s cut.”

4. Enroll in a masterclass

Alongside the main floor, you’ll find a series of mini-masterclasses organised with some of O’Briens Wine’s guest producers. These are always carefully put together to be fun, knowledgeable and interactive, and they’re a brilliant way to get to know a style better regardless of your level of expertise.

obriens wine festival 2019 4

5. Don’t be afraid of spitting

If there is one place where you won’t receive shade for spitting in public is at a wine tasting. You won’t hurt anyone’s feeling, and you will stay sharper and able to taste a wider variety of wines.

6. Revisit your favorites at the end

Was there a wine or two that you particularily loved? Save the last few minutes of the festival to quietly revisit your highlights, this time sip them slowly and just let yourself enjoy them.

7. After the festival

Keep your brochure around and mark down your favourites. Follow O’Briens Wine on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and stay tunned for special offers that might include the bottles you loved at the fair.

obriens wine festival 2019 2

Event coordinates

When: Friday 10th May 6-9pm and Saturday 11th May 2-5pm & 6-9pm (and Limerick Thursday 9th May 6-9pm).

Where: The Printworks, at Dublin Castle.

Tickets: €30 (€20 for the Limerick event).

Ticket includes:

  • All wine samples.
  • Fair brochure.
  • Complimentary Tipperary Crystal wine glass.
  • The proceeds are in aid of O’Brien’s Wines chosen charity partners – Snowflakes Autism Support Group in Dublin and Live 95 in Limerick.

More information: obrienswine.ie/page/obriens-wine-festival

Want more wine events? Check out a wine lover’s calendar I’ve compiled for you.

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