What kind of cocktail sorcery is this?! – The Cauldron Dublin review

Unapologetically gimmicky, that is how I would describe The Cauldron in a nutshell. The cocktail experience is inspired by works of fantasy and fiction and it is currently available in Dublin as part of a three months residence at The Liquor Rooms.

I was there on a Wednesday evening and the moment I walked through the door, my not-too-inner geek took over. Greeted with my own magic wand and a cocktail poured from the trophy head of a stuffed magical creature? Shut up and take my money.

the cauldron dublin review 2019 (6)

The Cauldron, which also has popped-up in Edinburgh, London and New York, offers a 1 hour and 45 minutes long cocktail wizarding experience.

After briefly admiring how they magicked-up a substantial area of The Liqour Rooms (fairy lights and antiques can go a long way in creative hands!), we were taken to our table and given our wizard robes because of cool.

We were given a neatly illustrated potion recipe and introduced to our supplies: an assortment of little bottles, apothecary style, with pre-measured quantities of all the ingredients we’d need to craft our first beverage.


Non alcoholic options are provided, but in principle, attendees get to craft a gin cocktail.  I won’t spoil the surprise, but there are some pretty Instagram-friendly moments during the making-of.

The second cocktail also required some supernatural maneuvers, this time is a spicy goblet which is mixed in an actual smoking cauldron.the cauldron dublin review 2019 (7)


Both drinks were good and the recipes were simple enough not to mess them up, but long enough that it was fun to make them. They are not cutting-edge mixology, but let’s be honest, that’s not why we were there for.

After the second potion was consumed, guests were able order more from a signaure menu with prices ranging from €5 to €10. Names evoked the mystical worlds from which the whole place’s theme comes from in a very public-domain savvy way.

the cauldron dublin review 2019 (5)

While us fans mumbled spells from our beloved series of books and shook our wands around turning the lights on and off on our table lamps, The Cauldron is not directly associated to any popular franchise. In other words, it is a fanmade.

The Cauldron Dublin delivered on its promise: A fantasy-inspired cocktail experience with nodes to many of our favourite sagas. I wished the session would have been just a little bit longer, but that is probably an indicator that we had a great time.

The Cauldron Dublin

Where: At The Liquor Rooms (beneath the Clarence Hotel).
When: At the time of writing this review, bookings were available until the 29th of September.
How much:

  • Off peak: €29.99 per magical being (+€1 processing fee per ticket)
  • Peak: €34.99 per magical being (+€1 processing fee per ticket)

How long: Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.
How old: Over 18s only.
More information: thecauldron.io/dublin

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