Treasure Island: Irish gin gets a tropical twist – Cocktail recipe

Name a spirit and an island that you associate with pirates… If you said “rum” for the drink and a tropical Caribbean destination for the place you’re probably thinking inside of the box.

In this case the spirit is gin and the location is Ireland, as this is a cocktail inspired by the recently launched Grace O’Malley Heather Infused Irish Gin, which owes its name to a legendary Irish pirate queen.

The woman behind the story was born into Gaelic aristocracy in Co. Mayo in 1530. You can read more about her story on The gin, which is part of Grace O’Malley’s Crew Range, evokes her by using an assortment of 14 botanicals from the West of Ireland including heather, wild thyme, red clover, blackthorn, fraughan and rock samphire.

While it makes for a complex, flavourful G&T, I wanted to let her sail a bit further for the cocktail recipe below. Named after the quintessential pirate adventure classic, Treasure Island brings together an unusual mix of Irish flavours and the tropical notes of coconut.

treasure island cocktail recipe

Treasure Island – Grace O’Malley Heather Infused Irish Gin cocktail recipe


– 45 ml Grace O’Malley Heather Infused Irish Gin
– 23 ml Coconut liqueur (I used Mahiki but Malibu will do)
– 23 ml grapefruit juice
– 12 ml syrup
– 1 thin 1/2 slice of grapefruit


1. Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice.
2. Shake vigoriously and strain into a coupe.
3. Garnish with the slice of grapefruit.

The Grace O’Malley Crew Range features Grace O’Malley Heather Infused Gin (€42.99) and Grace O’Malley Blended Irish Whiskey (€39.99). A goldem rum is set to be launched later this year.


This and other spirits from the range are available from The Celtic Whiskey Shop, L. Mulligan Grocer, Mitchells Wines & Spirits, The Irish Whiskey Museum, leading off licenses and bars nationwide and on

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